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This sounds like an ancient torture method! Just listening to the technique and I'll tell ya' anything you want to know! You must be one of those gals I'm so jealous of in class, I stare in amazement as your body contorts as I hang out wondering how you changed your bones to rubber!

Almost, not quite. There's some poses that I'm still trying to conquer. My hamstrings are surprisingly tight, and making my knees flatboard straight is pretty hard so there's modifications I gotta do.

But I will say lots of the poses if you practice at least twice a week you can get to the intermediate status within a year. It took me a2 years to do a full blown back bend.

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They already have it... kinda thought you did it by now....
They also have naked aerobics. I came across that DVD with a yoga one in a magazine.

And for the record: I've never down a naked class. I don't think I can keep a straight face while doing it. Some of those yoga poses are extremely hairy.
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