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I have low to normal BP and there were times my whole body was pounding with my heart so maybe it isn't for those with high BP. I dunno. I LOVE regular yoga but haven't kept up with it as much as I should. I just don't push myself when I'm practicing at home alone. And yeah, death pose is one of my faves as well. Figures you'd like it, just from the name alone.

I try not to have favorites in yoga, but nothing beats the death pose. I'm not sure if you'd tried this or not, but for a good modification to the death pose I recommend this: roll up your mat, lay it flat in the vertical position, measure out roughly a fist distance apart, and then lay down. It gives a gentle backbend that feels awesome.

I semi push myself at home, but not much. Maybe practice a few poses, I'm trying to master a full blown head stand, but can only do a modified one. There's a yoga show on a health channel that has 30 min yoga routines that are sweet. But some of the shows are pretty advanced. The spring wind series is something I recommend, but only after a good 5 min warm up.

Ohhhh and I got another pose that really sweet (forgot the name though): first get into the pigeon, then place a block down for your head. From there bring your torso all the way down. After that gently twist your torso, and if you can, bring your hands into a prayer position with the top hand/arm/shoulder facing up.

I've just recently tried that, and it another awesome status pose.
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