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Originally Posted by Black Mamba View Post
Wow, 90 minute yoga class. I've been doing 75 minutes classes...but what's another 15 minutes.

I'll have to research first if it's safe to do hot yoga with high BP. If not, then I won't do it. I've been doing yoga on and off for 4 years, recently been going full force for school credit. I love it! Especially, chavanasa (sp?) the end part.
I have low to normal BP and there were times my whole body was pounding with my heart so maybe it isn't for those with high BP. I dunno. I LOVE regular yoga but haven't kept up with it as much as I should. I just don't push myself when I'm practicing at home alone. And yeah, death pose is one of my faves as well. Figures you'd like it, just from the name alone.

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