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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
What is the benefit of keeping the room so hot and humid? Other than making it harder to get through the class, I'm not sure how it would be any better for you. I actually worry that it's worse for you because you'll end up dehydrated.

Bonnie pretty much covered it. Really as a nurse I worry about unhealthy people trying it out since the heat is not easy to overcome in there. I am not usually a sweaty person but I was pouring sweat and dripping all down my legs even. I'm not sore today and they say it's because the heat made my muscles more limber. I worry that I didn't work hard enough, I always feel good when I'm sore from a workout.

You really have to hydrate before the class. You are allowed 2 short water breaks during class but are not to leave the room. (You carry water) And you have to replenish after class meaning the sodium and other electrolytes you lose when you sweat that much along with more water.

I dunno. I am not going tonight. I haven't been sleeping much lately and it's added up and I feel like crap. Plus work has been nuts since we're severely short handed right now. So I'll go tomorrow and see how it feels on day 2 of hot yoga.

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