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Originally Posted by Tyburn
well its my words...but the narrator was going through things REALLY quickly! sooo I had to keep stopping and starting and moving on.

Its my summery of the programme if that makes sense

I LOVE Saint Paul's Cathedral, for me it is one of the Greatest Place on Earth....and GOD loves it aswell. HE Saved it.

The wind, the bad weather that stopped the German second strike, and the incendry that magically disentangled itself from the dome roof, protection from the fire, which it shouldnt have had. it stood next to the furnace for over 5 hours at a distance of 25feet.

It should have reasonably been distroyed. But GOD saved it. as the second verse of the National Anthem states

"Scatter her enemies, and make them fall. Confound their politics, frustrate their knavish tricks, on thee our hopes we fix, GOD save us all...."
Amen to that, brother!!!
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