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Originally Posted by bj44 View Post
yes they were robbed cus the spurs are so much more marketable lol

ps go bulls big win today after making me break my remote control against in the game against the nets on friday haha
Yes, go Bulls for sure. It's a tall order, but I'm definitely pulling for them.

Also I mis-spoke before, I meant to say western conference semi-finals. Either way...

The Spurs had already won a championship two years earlier, but I don't think they were robbed because of marketability. I think they were just robbed in general.

That was absolutely ridiculous of the league to suspend Amare and Boris for standing up off the bench. The Spurs are a bunch of dirty punks who constantly get away with murder and I have a hard time thinking of team that I despise more.

You know Tim Donaghy was a ref during that series too. Fishy as hell if you ask me.
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