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Originally Posted by MattHughesRocks
I don't care what the other guy said. If your a professional fighter you shouldnt be hitting someone like that just because they told you to.

Tap dancing
For a pro fighter this is really a no win situation. Go to easy and risk the noob getting a lucky shot... go hard and you're a bully.

Take our boy Spirit.. I"m guessing he's the most skilled, decorated martial artist on this site. If I go to his school and he agree to spar with me how is he going to approach it? Go easy on me and risk me getting a lucky punch? Go hard at it and look like a bully?? My guess is he'll do exactly what Carlos did... match his power/intensity to mine. If I'm just flicking shots out there he'll do the same...

If I start really swinging then he do the same....

The guy went hard (I respect that) and got dropped... it's all good.

Quit being such a girl.... and go make me a samich!!
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