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not so good. Its the 9th years mind of my Grandmothers death...and to make it doubly poignient...I heard one of my flock at work (by that I mean regular customers that you get to know and like) has died...she was in her late 90s. She used to come out one day a week on a Saturday Morning...exceptionally dry sense of humour, that many of the women on this forum would have appreciated...but last year she had a fall, outside the store infact due to bad weather...she never came back after that. I think she was frightened she would fall again...she was only know a gust of wind might have felled her. She went down hill after that, ended up in a home...and then died during that bad weather we had sometime around Christmas/new year.

Tiz so sad I just knew her as "flo" I think her name was Florance...but I dont really know I have no idea if she is Saved....but at her age, I suspect so...She was Pre-War era...when this Country knew what Christianity was.
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