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Nobody has come out and said excessive. Infact, I don't think they have had 100% clarity on the rules. My understanding of their comments was that "no vasoline is allowed other then selected areas of the face". I didn't even see them touch GSP, so the only way they can tell is by mere observation which will not hold up in court.

We both know that nothing is going to happen to GSP, but his cornerman may have some ramifications.

He will not be stripped, or have his losses held against him (except for his fans)

I suspect GSP will be at the top of the mountain for a while and when he evenutally hangs up the gloves, people may question his character (or his camps)............but won't accredit his victories to vasoline. I guess the ladder is the difference with using performance enhancing drugs.

Originally Posted by Tyburn
The only interpretation that matters, is that applied by the SAC.

Just as the Decision is up to the Judges.

If the Commission intervened, which they doesnt matter what anyone else thinks. The commission found reason to rebuke him, thus he is guilty, thus he should be punished
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