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Originally Posted by TDPARKASH
I guess they are going to have to review tape of his old fights to see if this is a reoccuring theme, if there is factual evidence of this in the past, then I will no longer support GSP. As I will find it hard to believe, that he didn't know that they were greasing more then once.

I am sure GSP uses body lotion regularly, aside from other things, to have good skin (don't know if prolonged use can have long term effects on slipperiness of skin). He seems of the type.

"Excessive" is a very subjective word, and can have many intrepretations.
The only interpretation that matters, is that applied by the SAC.

Just as the Decision is up to the Judges.

If the Commission intervened, which they doesnt matter what anyone else thinks. The commission found reason to rebuke him, thus he is guilty, thus he should be punished
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