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Originally Posted by NateR
Recycling, "green energy" and stuff like that are separate issues. I'd support all of those just out of respect for GOD's creation. However, we don't need scientists to lie to us with pseudo-facts and misleading information in order to make that happen.

It'd be similar to inventing a fake disease to get people to stop smoking pot. Getting people to stop smoking marijuana is a worthwhile ambition, but trying to accomplish that with a lie is just wrong and deceitful.

It's a "the ends justify the means" mentality that has proven so dangerous in the past and is totally contradictory to Christian values. Basically, if scientists can knowingly lie to us about global warming in order to manipulate our thinking, then what else are they lying to us about (aside from Evolution, of course)?
I agree that some of it is fear-mongering, but some theories on global warming are less doomsday type and have a good basis ... and we will never really know until the future i guess, but i would rather take proactive measures now then have future generations find out the hard way ...
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