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Originally Posted by Jonlion
It was better with Saddam in charge. Shoulda just bombed the **** out of him, so he can't do much back, and then say, go on Saddam run it again.

The fact is Saddam only cared about his power, we only had to nullify him and he would of had towed the line and he wouldnt tolerate any terrorists in Iraq as they threaten his power.
I read a biography on Saddam a few years back. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to finish the "remaining" part of it because I finished it 1 day after his sons were killed.

When he first became President, it was around the same time they discovered oil. The economy boomed and he took great care of everybody. He built infrastructure, founded education, roadways, etc. That only lasted a few years, then he began lacing his own pockets with the oil money and cut off his people. At the very least, this man deserved to die for the Halabja poison gas attack (the gas bombing of the Kurds in 1988).

If you've ever talked to Iraqi immigrants to the U.S., there's 1 main reason they left, fear of Saddam's regime.
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