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Originally Posted by ufcfan2
I think I would have a heart attack doing those just by u guys talking abou it.
I have hard enough time doing the drills in my kickboxing class and I thought I was in shape WRONG.
We do 2,2min rounds of jump roping with 30 second rests,2 rounds of shadow boxing for 2 mins each. Then we do 3 minute round of punches/kicks then do 1min abs or some other form of cardio/strengthening rinse and repeat for 45 mins or so..I'm freaking tired after the jump ropes
I'm actually enjoying doing kickboxing just wish I would of done it years ago having hard time with my foot work...
Never done Tabata, but last summer I was telling a friend about 8 minutes of cardio and he was like, "No way that could be so difficult". He managed 3 hill sprints before he couldn't take it any more. He took a short break than did some sprints on the flat track. After he walked back up the hill to where our cars were parked, he threw up, lol.

He said it was a good thing though because he realized his level of fitness, although he had a low body fat and pretty good definition, needed some work.
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