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Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
You most certainly can compare the numbers. That Suns system you are talking about was led by WHO? Steve Nash. How many of Karl Malone's points came from John Stockton? They were masters of the pick and roll, and that was their linchpin, kinda like the Bulls with the triangle offense, or the Suns runnning and gunning. They are very strikingly similar when you actually look at it. The only exception being that Stockton and Malone basically played 19 years each without every really suffering serious injuries that sidelined them. Also, nobody can deny that John Stockton is the undisputed king of assists.

Nash didn't score in double digits until his 5th year, but you need context my friend. Nash didn't get many minutes his first two seasons in Phoenix because we were stacked with point guards in Kevin Johnson, Sam Cassell, and Jason Kidd. When he went to Dallas, the first year was the lockout year and the second year he sat out 25 games with an ankle injury. Then he exploded for Dallas and he has been putting up great numbers ever since. Also, to be fair, Stockton didn't put up double digit scoring numbers until his fourth year.

Again, I want to make it clear, I am not saying that Nash/Stoudemire have a more celebrated legacy than Stockton/Malone have, but they are very comparable when you look at the numbers. Obviously the Jazz in the 90's had some great runs with those two leading the way, but they also had some key role players on that squad like Jeff Hornacek and Byron Russel. The Suns have had some great seasons too, but kinda like the Jazz, they have failed to bring home a championship. (hopefully they can change that, lol)

Lastly, two more quick things.... Jordan was the ONLY MVP in the 90's and don't be hatin' on Shawn Marion!
suns have had good role players too.. Marion, Barbosa, fricken joe johnson lol.. Jazz atleast made the finals twice when they were past there prime... Nash only has like 2 years left of all star level play. I cant believe he hasnt dramatically declined yet. Even Kobe has started to decline a little bit and hes only 31

i dont mind sean marion but when he was putting up those numbers in phoenix people were comparing/calling him a Scottie Pippen like player in skillset with made me lmfao. Maybe they are similiar in build and athletic ability but Scottie was a superior passer, ball handler, shooter (except free throws), help defender (which is what marion is known for), 1 on 1 defender, and way better basketball iq. Once he left phoenix he wasnt the same plaer which showed he was a product of the system he was in.
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