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Originally Posted by flo View Post
Bonnie, that's crazy. WTH? Why can't they tell you the address? Must be a security risk...

I've had to talk to India every time there's a problem with our HP printer. It started going haywire immediately after we bought it. We are now on our second "reworked" printer as HP wouldn't replace ours with a new one (even though ours was within the warranty period). On about the 8th call to India, I get Vikram with undecipherable English and an attitude to go with it.

We are NEVER getting another HP product.
I don't know if she didn't have the physical # address; she just gave me the street (but no cross street). As I told her that street goes from one end to the other so that wasn't helping me. When I asked why she couldn't give me the phone#, she said 'cause they didn't want a lot of people calling. It's a Fedex/Kinkos combo, what if some business had a large printing job and needed information?

We can see what's happened to our country with all this outsourcing of our jobs? I called about a medical bill and got some guy in India who I could barely understand. After going through what my problem was, he then has to transfer me to Illinois where I go thru the whole shebang again. If you're not on highblood pressure meds before, you will be after.

We got a Samsung Color Laser printer; it's been pretty good.
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