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I know so many who have already lost jobs.....

And if the school budgets don't pass come April 20th, there will be more cuts.

NJ is in bad, bad shape...............
I'm the ways & means chair for my son's PTA. His school is blessed to have a wonderful PTA and we raise about $45,000 a year for the school. For the past 3 years we have had to provide ALL the start up money for teachers because it has been cut off. Also parents buy pre-packaged school supplies from anywhere between $35-$90 depending on what the grade level is. This year we will have the supply packs again put will be asked to provide or donate for the purchase of TOILET PAPAER! No I'm not joking. This is what the state super actually said on the news regarding cuts and the budget cut effects! Now that's the norm in a lot of places now I know. But here's my biggest problem. Over the past 5 years Alabama has seen a major boom in tax revenues from Hyundai and it's suppliers. I work for the top tier supplier. About 3 years ago without notice we were annexed into the city limits. This added city taxes to us. That's over a million dollars in just sales tax. Plus sales for Hyundai's have shot up with means more jobs, more money going into the state economy yet school budgets keep getting cut. It makes me sick. Then we had this huge illegal bingo bit that just adds fuel to the fire.
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