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Universities, I agree with (for the latter, I took home that acid to run some of my own experiments ). But I'm still got my concerns about the actual companies.

I remember reading somewhere that Russia is pretty lose on their labs, or was it their nuclear power plants and uranium. I'm sure the US or Canada aren't that lacked, but if I was in a government position, I would definitely be thinking about increasing security in chemical and biological labs. Permits are not enough. Maybe I've watched too many action movies, but you can whack a person and then snatch their permit. Or take a person's eye out if they have that eye security stuff going on. I'd even go beyond and say get deep background checks on peeps working in labs (not university level) and companies. Extreme? Maybe. Can it save lives? Yep.
maybe just a few too many, lol, jokes.

It does not really work like that. The permits are mostly online now, and you have to log into a secure encrypted network. I would go as far as saying the pentagon does not even have computers fast enough to hack it.

Plus, the sad things is, most of these extra tests and security measures you would want to take, although very noble, would cause major drug companies alot of problems. They would have to spend more money on security detail, how they order their materials, background checks, ultimately how they do their trials etc. And in the end, these big companies have nice lobby groups making sure these hassles dont come their way. Its just the way it is....
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