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Originally Posted by Black Mamba View Post
I concur.

And sadly, I think the next attack is going to be worse than 9/11. I've read online that the higher peeps are concerned about nuclear threats. I seriously think we shouldn't be all that concerned about nuclear or dirty bombs. It's important, but we (US) should be even more concerned about chemical and biological attacks. It is SO EASY to make chemicals, and obtain nasty biological agents. Not to mention a heck of lot cheaper.

Think about it: most of our labs in the US don't have the best of security. It be easy to walk in, snatch some stuff, and walk out. Shoot, I was able to snatch some small vials HCL, Nitric Acid, and Acetic acid in my freshman year. But we have a no fly zone over a stadium during the Super Bowl, but no no fly zones over nuclear power plants. Go figure that.
What's that word....oh yeah....priorities!
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