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You do raise an interesting point about potential bio weapons. But in terms of getting it from a university I would have to disagree. True, things like really concentrated di and tri protic acids are available, but you could NOT materialize that into a bomb. The susbtance would oxidize before causing any real damage. The most acids could do would be to burn you, but you would have to throw it on someone who is an arm length away, and you would need alot of if to kill someone, you might hurt someone with a little, but not kill. I mean theoretically you could use one of the planes that put out forest fires, but even then the acid would be so concentrated it may just oxidize first.

To get the really nasty stuff (carinogens, or mutagens) you have to have a permit. Those permits are only given to academic institutions and other big name pharma companies. That stuff is not given to undergrads, and sometimes not even the grad students. Only the proffs can handle them, and they are accoutable for every drop, just like a pharamcist who has to make sure he has oxycodone pill accounted for....because if he doesnt....TROUBLE. Plus the university would not let you mess around. They are billion dollar companies in the end (who happen to hand out degrees ). They are not going to risk you ruining their endowment $$$$$$$.
Universities, I agree with (for the latter, I took home that acid to run some of my own experiments ). But I'm still got my concerns about the actual companies.

I remember reading somewhere that Russia is pretty lose on their labs, or was it their nuclear power plants and uranium. I'm sure the US or Canada aren't that lacked, but if I was in a government position, I would definitely be thinking about increasing security in chemical and biological labs. Permits are not enough. Maybe I've watched too many action movies, but you can whack a person and then snatch their permit. Or take a person's eye out if they have that eye security stuff going on. I'd even go beyond and say get deep background checks on peeps working in labs (not university level) and companies. Extreme? Maybe. Can it save lives? Yep.
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