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Originally Posted by Crisco
Which was the royal with ties to The nazi party? He was a duke or some such no?
The Duke of Windsor.

He was a King of England who abdicated in 1936. King Edward (Eight) Saxe-Coburg. He was the son of George Five (the guy who changed his name to Windsor after World War One to try and distance himself from Germany) and sat on the throne for ONE year.

It is thought that once Hitler had taken England, he would probably use Edward as his governer for the Island, re-instate him as King. They were friends, Adolf Hitler and Edward Saxe-Coburg (Windsor)

Prince Philip (who married the Queen, who took to the throne in the 1950s) had a relative in the SS apparently. probably not a close relative, but all the same, a bit embarissing for the Husband of the present Queen.

Did I tell you Philip is unwell You know the Royals are unwell when they start to cancel engagements. It usually means they are VERY unwell. They are both getting Elderly
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