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Wow! That looks great Bill! Are you going to wear Tim's?
Kim and I will alternate. She'll wear it around her neck or I'll actually wear it. It's big on me, but if I keep my fingers curled it'll be fine.

We had debated about not wearing this one at all. We were talking with the coach about it and he said that it's a nice ring, a ring that Tim would have worn and showed off everywhere he went. Maybe even talked a little trash. So, we'll wear it.

Funny trash talk story about Tim and rings. After he got his second state ring, we were at our local Japanese steak house. It was me, Kim, Tim, and a few of his friends. There was a young man, about Tim's age that had on a 'Trigg County Football' shirt. Trigg County is one of Fort Campbell's big local rivals. Tim said to the young man, "I like your shirt." Just as the kid was about to respond, Tim held up his fist and said, "...but I like this ring better." All of Tim's friends couldn't believe that he had said that. It was funny. Was it appropriate, humble, sportsmanlike? Probably not, and Tim wasn't really like that.....but Trigg fans hate Fort Campbell and Tim just let it go.

I miss my son, my favorite football player in the world!

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