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Originally Posted by Llamafighter
I this day and age when people are being set upon by 200lb gorillas in Connecticut, I think we should all be able to carry a pistol on our side.

Bartenders don't serve you if you're carrying
if you get stopped for intoxication and you're carrying
drug possession while carrying
on probation while carrying
felon's lose the right.
the concealment creates most of the problems.
plaxico wouldn't have shot himself if he hadn't tried to conceal his firearm in his sweatpants

treat it like operating a car which is twice as dangerous.
I'm all for gun rights and I do carry concealed and have for years...

but I don't think we should carry openly. I think the possibility of having it snatched out of your holster would scare me.

I know... plenty of holsters including some of mine have straps etc... but I still don't like the idea..

my .02 on this chilly Thursday morning.
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