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Originally Posted by jason2130 View Post
lol... i quit clicking them after i read your first post, but i heard...well couldnt hear 2 ringtones now on the neighbor kids phone now, he swears its actual ringtones, says his friend has other ones but most of them make your ears feel clogged afterwards (how bad is that?)


if these kids are texting each other in class all day with these, and they are bad for your hearing and yet the teacher cant hear it, are we gonna have a generation of deaf kids? my niece got in trouble a few months back for sending 2000+ text on a bill, if she uses a high pitch ring tone how bad would that be?

we all had 8in-12in speakers in our cars at my school and where told we would be deaf, now they have rintones lol i find this all interesting and yet sorta scary now
I don't think we will see an epidemic of deaf kids because of this, but the bottom line is that it's just not good for their ears, or anybody's ears that is around them.

There is always noise in the air that is inaudible to human ears, and over time it naturally causes our hearing to worsen. Some things speed up that process, such as constantly listening to loud music. For instance, my hearing is significantly depleted more than the average person at my age from years of performing in a band and from many hours spent mixing music with headphones. I suffer from "Tinnitus", which is a natural byproduct of being a musician, and it makes it hard for me to sleep without background noise such as a fan or radio.

I am sure there have been studies done, and I am too lazy to research it right now, but I am willing to bet that since the cell-phone has become a permanent fixture in our lives that people's hearing has probably been depleted at a higher rate than it was in the past. I personally never put the phone directly up to my ear unless it's absolutely necessary and I don't use headsets or earpieces either.
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