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Thanks, everyone forgets about Charlotte. You see,

The House of Hanover could still have been Rulling today, had Charlotte Ascended followed by a Male Heir. Potentially thats almost a possible century of Rule you had.

Interestingly, when Victoria died, the Next House was "Saxe Coburg" The default line that had married into the Family through Charlotte, it was the Continental hereditry of Belgium and Germanic Origins, the mixing of lines so recently with Germany.

The House of actually STILL Saxe Coburg today! King George changed his name in 1917.

I hasten to say there was a small gap of Seven years between George Forth and his death, and Victoria. She was extremely young on the throne, in order to get William they had to go to the Sons of the Brother of the previous Monarch...he died after seven years in Office, he also had nothing but illegitamte children...soooo Victoria was the closest relative. A niece

Now Saxe Coburg re-enters the Royal scene because Victoria married Albert Saxe Coburg! as in a relation to Leopold Saxe Coburg. A Royal proclamation was made after the First World War by the King saying he was changing his name because of its ties to Germany and Belgium

Truely, the most recent influx of Royal Blood is Germanic Changing the name of their house by Depol WONT change the blood line. Its still Germanic along the MALE line because of Who victoria married and because her SON then rulled.

Now When Elizabeth married Prince you wanna know what HIS name is?? "Schliswig holstein Sonderburr Glucksburg" Philip is unwell at this present time. Really..unwell

She decided to declaire him a Windsor instead of founding a new house based on...the above She can do that at her pleasure because he is only her Husband...he is not the King, because he married the Queen, that means he's only a Royal by Marriage...the family line passes through her not him. Although...they do have children together so he is now grafted into the future of the Royal line. It would be customery for her to Honour him in English Tradition by keeping HIS name...but...for obvious and sensible reasons...she decided against it hahahaha
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