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Late to the partay, as usual....

Like the aforementioned, everyone I've met up with has mentioned me in their lists. I've met a wonderful handful of people on here, and Black Mamba (lil D) left out the part when we went to Hard Rock Cafe when I was in San Diego

I believe God gives us many paths and choices in this life, and my absence is explained by my desire to finish my Master's degree. That's why I had to put MMA/these forums on hold for the time being. I've LOVED meeting up with each and every one of you in my 2.5 years here. I'm currently taking 18 credits, FT job, ministry, and training horses on the weekends. The good thing is I make it to the gym to work out almost daily.

One day, I hope to resume my Muay Thai training, but I still pop on these boards every so often This journey is maturing me with every day, as long as you are doing what makes you happy--that's all that matters.

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