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Having an able bodied single person qualify for benefits is a little unsettling I would agree with that but your beef () should be with the system in place and those that put it there. Not with the people receiving the benefits.
Chuck, I guess my beef is with both because I was raised to work hard and not accept a hand-out simply because it's there. Yes, I'm sure a few single young people really need it but I know there are lots that just want "their share" of the entitlements.

There is always that element, sadly. A person close to me was complaining about not getting the tax rebate that a lot of people received a few years ago (I think it was $600, IIRC). I told them "but you didn't get it because you make too much money". They didn't appreciate the comment as they thought it was their due and I was sad because I thought they were kind of greedy.
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