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Chuck, I don't see anything wrong or "disappointing" in what I wrote or what Flo wrote.

The article was about "Hipsters on Food Stamps" not about children dying of kwashiorkor. The food stamp rules were changed by Obama as part of his stimulus package - they were meant as a stimulus to the economy, not as a response to people dying of hunger. If you are aware of a pre-Obama epidemic of starvation among poetry grad students please post the links.

The article is about "foodies". These people are obsessed with food as a status symbol; they are not primarily concerned about the health effects. There is no significant nutritional difference between Perrier and tap water. The effect of eating organic produce vs. regular produce on one's life span is likewise doubtful. Generally, people that are feasting on gourmet ice cream and game basted in butter are not that concerned about their cholesterol. These people are food snobs, not health food fanatics.

I have never used food stamps but I have had my food paid for by others. Numerous times we have been invited to dinner at restaurants by other couples. We, of course, offer to pay, but when the other couple offers the invitation, they usually pay. Usually the couples we dine with are not wealthy, they are of modest means. By your logic, since they offered to pay, should I feel no compunction about ordering Kobe beef, Lobster and a bottle of Chateau Lafite Rothschild? Instead, I skip the appetizer, don't order a drink of alcohol, skip dessert and order a modestly priced chicken dinner in order to keep the bill low. Because others are paying for the meal, I deny myself and order inexpensive options.

Similarly, I have had expense accounts for meals. The non-profit corporation was worth billions. Still, I didn't run up a bill with extravagant food and drink selections. I kept my selections modest because I was spending other people's money.

It is common parlance for a taxpayer to refer to "my dime" as referring, in general, to taxpayer money. I don't think anyone (including me) was under the impression that a single taxpayer funds the food stamp program.

We don't shop at Whole Foods. I went one time and bought a cupcake for my child. When I went to the register and found out the price, we never went back again. We shop at Costco, Wal-mart and our local discount grocery store. I find it ironic that the guy on food stamps says he is a foodie who doesn't do the "living off ramen' thing" while my cupboard has Ichiban chicken-flavored Saimin (aka ramen noodles) and I am looking at a six figure tax bill.

I have no problem helping needy people buy food. I donate to the local food bank and donate to the local rescue mission/soup kitchen. I have a problem with people supposedly in dire circumstances purchasing food like they are a critic on the Food Channel. I am not even necessarily saying that the purchases have to be below the level of the average American; however, they certainly shouldn't be above.

By the way, I don't have a beef with you. If you have a beef with me that is ok . . . just don't make it a grass-fed beef.
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