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Whats funny to me is that this is like a group of kids hiding out at the back of the school-lot during recess, smoking cigarettes....

all of em are just burning up their little lungs, but they don't even know it...

and I'm like that annoying school monitor with words of wisdom, that you always ignore (but you tell everybody he was the coolest dude long after you graduated).
lol... i quit clicking them after i read your first post, but i heard...well couldnt hear 2 ringtones now on the neighbor kids phone now, he swears its actual ringtones, says his friend has other ones but most of them make your ears feel clogged afterwards (how bad is that?)


if these kids are texting each other in class all day with these, and they are bad for your hearing and yet the teacher cant hear it, are we gonna have a generation of deaf kids? my niece got in trouble a few months back for sending 2000+ text on a bill, if she uses a high pitch ring tone how bad would that be?

we all had 8in-12in speakers in our cars at my school and where told we would be deaf, now they have rintones lol i find this all interesting and yet sorta scary now
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