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Originally Posted by Play The Man;
I think I just had a stroke. I am being very thrifty with my money in order to better provide for my children and these spoiled, entitled liberals are enjoying gourmet meals on my dime!
What makes them spoiled? If they were conservatives would you feel different? Do you think it's wrong to eat healthy or organic? Should they be limited to unhealthy processed food instead? I imagine that would simply create health problems like HBP, elevated HCL and obesity. Is paying their medical bills a better alternative? It's not your dime. In one way or another everybody pays into that coffer including the people using the benefits.

Originally Posted by flo View Post
I have a friend whose husband is often deployed; they have 4 kids and I'm sure she'd love to have some artisan ciabatta, grass-fed beef and Perrier. She sent me her Cooking Light magazines as she couldn't afford to make those recipes, I think this article would put her through the roof too.

For me, it's not so much what they bought with their food stamps - oh wait, must use the PC wording - Electronic Transfer Benefit Card, but that they even GET food stamps. I was unemployed at different times when I was in my 20's and I did draw unemployment but never considered applying for food stamps. And with benefits being extended to 90 weeks (or something like that) I think there's no reason for these single kids to be using a government subsidy that was meant to help people in dire need.

Shane just posted recently that his family is going through a very rough time but I'd be willing to bet they aren't shopping at Whole Foods.

OK, rant over.
Having an able bodied single person qualify for benefits is a little unsettling I would agree with that but your beef () should be with the system in place and those that put it there. Not with the people receiving the benefits.

Originally Posted by Play The Man View Post
I agree with your rant. Do you think our soldiers are getting "gourmet ice cream", "fresh-squeezed juice", "roasted rabbit with butter, tarragon and sweet potatoes", "Perrier", "artisanal bread, heirloom tomatoes, and grass-fed beef"? I would bet that the menu is more likely to be a MRE or S**t on a Shingle.

We do not need to be buying gourmet food for entitled hipsters.
I've never served in the military so I could be wrong on this but unless our soldiers are actively in combat or were left behind in WWII I'm pretty sure they aren't eating SOS or MRE's all that often. It's my understanding that most of our bases including the ones on foreign soil (Middle East included) are serving our soldiers satisfactory food.

This may be the first time I've ever disagreed with either one of you but in this case I not only disagree with your comments I'm a little disappointed in them.

IF these people qualify for food stamps than they should be able to use them any way they choose. To have it any other way would simply mean more government control in our lives. There is often this mindset when it comes to Welfare that "we" are paying for "them" and it's simply not true. Not everybody on public assistance is a dead beat or a crack head. I find it surprising that you would not only judge the people written about in this article but actually be in favor of MORE government control than we already have now.

Do you think they should have to live on bread and water? Only generic foods? All I really took from the article was that they are eating healthy and I really don't see a problem with that. If you think the eligibility requirement for aid are too low then your argument should be with the government and not the people receiving the help.
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