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Man. I have to admit you are in denial. If words comes out of someones mouth then it has to be true. She said herself that Mao influenced her. That is not nor can ever be a good thing. About being a racist. I just don't see it. I do nothing any different than what a black man says. The only difference he is allowed and because I am white I am not allowed. Well guess what. I am not going to be scared to speak my mind on any matter. I get way more respect for being true every time you see me then for going behind someones back and talking ish about them. I say what I feel. I do not let race stand in my way. I do not even look at the color of someones skin when I think or talk to them. My God teaches me that we are all equal. That's why I know I am not a racist. I hate the fact that Indians (not middle eastern), blacks and mexicans can talk about whites without being a racist but the moment I say something someone may take offensive then I am a racist.
I would like you to tell me your definition of racist?
My definition is someone who walks around angry or hating someone for the color of their skin. I do not hate anyone. I just don't see having Muslims in our military when we are at war with them. Do not try and tell me we are not at war with muslims either.
If a black man said what you said, I would call him the racist too.

Did you just say that Indians are not middle eastern? Donald, Indians, from India, are south asian, not from the middle east...if anything that just make you ignorant.

And it does not matter what YOUR definintion of racist is. The rest of us follow the defined lexicon. You may not hate people, but the stuff you say, tells otherwise.

And just because someone says something it must be true? (your words, not mine)

Ok, I say the sky is purple. I have said it, it must be true!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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