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Please do tell what makes me a racist? That I wanna know. Do I believe there is a conspiracy theory here in America? sure I do. Do I believe what Glenn Beck says? Sure I do. You know why. Because you can not disprove what he says. I Challenge you to do so? Obama has been around Marxist since College. Half of the White house believe in Mao Tse-Tung. More than half of Obama's staff believe in Marxism and socialism.

This is you tube but this is proof. It is real. She actually said this.
Dis-prove this please.
Donald, maybe your command of the english language is bad, and I am just not getting you. But anyway, here we go.

If you do not know what makes a racist, even though I GAVE THE DEFINITION IN MY LAST POST, than I dont know, you are lost or something. Moreover, you are a 30 year old man, who does not the what a racist is? you should be ashamed.

Finally, Glen Beck. You see, you asked me to dis-prove Glen beck, but he HAS NOT PROVED ANYTHING!!!! He is just making a comment and observations, it's not proof, according to the defintion of the word proof.

And about your little glen beck. Here is a guy, the barely made it out of highscool, tried to to go college like 10 years later, and dropped out after taking one class. HE IS A CON MAN, as far as I am concerend. He appeals to people who are easily infulenced.

In regards, to your video...donald, did you actually listen? No I do not think you did. You probably just paid attention to Glen Beck slamming books at the end like a little baby.

Anita Dunn said in the video "you do NOT have to accept other peoples paths and choices"...she was just making the point, that you have to make your choice and find your path. So I think Becks little analogy to hitler is moot. Plus, he didnt play the whole thing, that is also suspect to me.
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