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Originally Posted by donaldbreland View Post
No Troll here Dave. Just a man standing up and defending my country from people like him. His views are the same as Radicals. It is no good for this forum or this country. You do not have the right to call someone a troll. I am an admitted racist but its not a black and white thing. Its a racism towards anyone who hates this country.

I will apologize to the rest of the forum members on this topic. I just can't stand that guy.
Please tell me who are "people like me?" and how you are defending this country from people like me? If you think you know me so well, tell me what views that I have that are the same as radicals.

Every time you post you show how ignorant you are, these last posts are prime examples.

Since you say you're "defending your country", how did your enlistment go?

Your unprovoked attack on me and my character was uncalled for and I'll defend myself against it. You've shown your racism and xenophobic traits on here ever since you first joined up, and I find that disgusting. Enjoy your next rally.
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