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If I had small children...say...9 or under, no way.There just isn't any need for a small child to see such violence because I'm too lazy and selfish to send them to Grandma's or leave them with a babysitter.MMA is brutal, we're just desensitized.
Well........the fights were always on well after the girls it was never about being too lazy or selfish......

most often they would see one or two fights and then konk out on the sofa. lol! They couldn't hang that long.

I think there is a huge amount of desensitization going on....and my girls were kept from seeing, and still are kept from seeing a lot of stuff

they couldn't/ still can't see shooting violence/gang stuff/sexual stuff on TV or in the movies. That's a given.....

But I always thought that watching MMA was okay, because it was in an arena, it had rules.....we would talk about things. It was always amazing to see how the body worked when someone was knocked out. Or the way someone could keep going because of determination even when they were so tired that they looked like they could fall over. Getting out of holds was always exciting to see. I guess we always looked at the technical stuff and the blood was just part of the sport. We didn't watch TO SEE blood. It was just something that happened.

You are right, it IS brutal.......and I guess a parent also needs to decide if their kid can handle it. It depends also on the kind of kid that you have watching. My girls never internalized it. It was a sport. Period