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Originally Posted by MattHughesRocks View Post
If I had small children...say...9 or under, no way.There just isn't any need for a small child to see such violence because I'm too lazy and selfish to send them to Grandma's or leave them with a babysitter.MMA is brutal, we're just desensitized.
I can't argue with that especially about being desensitized. But, I'd rather my 9 year-old nephew watch MMA than the WWE. His friend, Landon loves to wrestle (WWE) and knows who John Cena is. Heck, I had to ask Landon what some of those hand signs meant. Anyway, I've since broadened their horizons by including MMA and Matt Hughes into their world.

My nephew and I were playing on the Wii the other day and one of the Wii characters names was "Matt". When he saw that he said, "Matt Hughes!" I think he's fully indoctrinated.