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Originally Posted by donaldbreland View Post
No Troll here Dave. Just a man standing up and defending my country from people like him. His views are the same as Radicals. It is no good for this forum or this country. You do not have the right to call someone a troll. I am an admitted racist but its not a black and white thing. Its a racism towards anyone who hates this country.

I will apologize to the rest of the forum members on this topic. I just can't stand that guy.
I'm not asking you to change your views (although how insulting comments about mental hospitals equaits even slightly to defending your country I dont know)...I'm asking both of you to keep it civil, you dont know who might read this forum...Thats what a Moderator does. Decides what constitutes debate and what constitutes unacceptable.

IMHO YOUR last post an HIS last post are the sort of behaviour that I dont think should be displayed on forums like this. If I were Webmaster I'd delete both comments...but I'll leave that up to Nathan or one of the others to decide.

There is always a private message system...where you can insult each other in peace...or if he posts something you think beyond the pale, you can complain to Nathan.
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