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Default Kids watching MMA?

Do you think it's ok to let children watch MMA events? I have two boys, ages 5 & 8. Both are big UFC fans. The love to watch the fights, play "fight night" as they call it, my oldest takes BJJ and wrestling, my youngest wants to, both can rare naked a grown man, the youngest throw bombs like Chuck, they own dozens of MMA realted clothing items. Second to Alabama football it's the sport they are most interested in. All that being said, I had someone pretty much tell me I'm encouraging violence in my children. My thought was to show the lady a little violence at first - j/j. We've never had any problems with them acting violent. We did have a couple of times where we had to explain to the youngest it wasn't ok for him to engage his much smaller classmates in playing "fight night" and trying to make them tap, but other than that no problems with it. And we don't let them watch TUF because the content is not appropriate for children. So my question is do you or would you allow your child to watch MMA events? Personally I think we need more kids who are tough to offset the growing number of parents who are raising pansies.