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I've met
Matt, Nater, Boomer, VCU, Amy, Dawner, Primadawn, Shane, Crisco, Kim, Gymcoach, Sender, Tennessean,Robbie, Marc Fiore, Jonlion Spiritwarrior, Veach.

Everyone I've met was absolutely awesome.
Rooming with Tenn and Sender in Vegas was a blast
watching 98 next to Amy and Boom was incredible
Partying with everyone else was great
Hanging with Nater is a blast ( I think I laughed the most when us guys went to lunch the one day)
Boomer has become a dear friend to me and my wife
Got to eat sushi with Matt and Boom in NY and that was a blast
Me and Crisco have become good pals too.
Ben and Gymcoach let me crash with them and me and Ben ended up hanging at the airport for an hour or so before our home flights (great guy)
Gymcoach and I grabbed breakfast one morning in Vegas while Ben slept and had a great time
Jonlion and I grabbed a couple pints with our ladies in NYC when he was here. Fantastic guy.

Haven't met anyone I didn't get along with (they may tell ya different)

I want to meet everyone else. mac and I have become buddies on here so that would be cool and of course I got to meet Mark H. someday
Next time the Dave comet passes through I'll make the extra effort to track him down
Chuck too.
Yes, Mike, we have got to meet up!
"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear."
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