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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
I've only met Chuck and his wife Jen. Great people and we've actually had the chance to meet a couple times. On the last meeting, Chuck and I went to a shooting range in Florida while our wives shopped at the mall. Then we all had dinner together.

I think it would be cool to meet most of the people on the boards.

I'd have a drink with you SW but probably only one. I'm not a big drinker except once or twice per year, at a big party and when I'm not driving. Our annual Halloween party is one of those exceptions where I'll cut loose but won't be driving.

I live fairly close to Crisco, Llamafighter and DonnaMarie but haven't been able to meet either of them yet. Hopefully soon.

I am a social drinker for the most part... I will have some at parties.. but hanging with friends.. I RARELY order beer/booze first..

I lost a girlfriend (a friend that was a girl) to a drunk driner in Jr. High School.. I NEVER get behind the wheel after a drink.. even one.. the next day . I normally and the DD at UFC parties for the wife and I.
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