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I was Spanked lol , and i think im a better person because of it . If i did something dumb then i was gonna get punished. kept me out of alot of trouble in my later years and i thank my parents for it.

I actually look back and laugh about some of the times i was spanked.

Once me and my brother were tormenting our sisters inthe next room . We were roughhousing and wouldnt go to bed . Laughing and having a grand ole time. So after my mom yelled up the stairs at us for the 30 bajillionth time she said " Thats enough come down stairs" We both grabbed the table and were ready for our punishment . So mom grabs the fly swatter and gives my brother a couple smacks on the hind end . His responce was to giggle. Which made me giggle . So mom spanked my hind end to which i busted out laughing because it didnt hurt. So theres my mom swatting my and my brother with a fly swatter using the big plastic swatter part , and me and him are laughing so hard we were almost in tears .

So She then sat us down at the table and made us write sentances , that sucked worse than the spanking lol.

And then the other funny one was again , same thing , rough housing and picking on our sisters. So By this time mom gave up spanking us and gave the duty to my dad. Now my dad liked to watch the news , stretched out on the floor with his big pillow , very rarely sat in a chair. And when he gave us our spankins he wouldnt even get up , we were suppose to lay over his hip and get our whoopin . Well me and Mikey had it all planned out . We would take our sisters little metal cake pans and put them in our pants over our butts,, this would get ole Dad we thought. So we stuff the cake pans down the back of our jeans and my brother is first up . Dad swatted him once , then looked at us , started laughing as we did and sent us back upstairs .

My son Boone has had his share of spankins , but you know what . He hasnt had a spankin in probably 4 years, There is no need to , He knows how to act and not to do that stuff that causes spankins. I took him to an over night birthday party a month ago and when i went and picked him up , his friends parents met me at the door and said out of the 12 boys that were there , They liked having Boone there the most because he was the most well behaved kid they had ever met.
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