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Hot wheel tracks, thanks for reminding me, I remember I shot my fat cousin,(yes everybody has one) in the neck with a BB gun, and my Dad didnt like him anyway, so he takes me and my Brother in a bedroom and he tells us, now everytime I hit this bed with the belt you guys scream like I am killing you, so we made it sound good so my cousin's parents thought we got beat for doing it. My Dad was my Hero!!!!
i had a principal do that with me one time. i was in elementary school and there was a bully in my class. i was playing kick ball he was playing dodge ball. i was on my base and he hit me in the head with a dodge ball. i told him twice not to do it again. well he was 6'3" 200lb in elementary school so he got away with a lot. the third time i walked up punched him in the nose when he fell i was right on top of him. i went to the principals office and the principal smacked the desk with the paddle and told me to act real upset when i left. he didn't want the other boys mom showing up asking why i didn't get punishment. the plan went off with out a hitch.
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