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i got them oh boy did i get them.

my dad could bust a 2x4 with his finger thump. i sat in front of him at church with my cousins. if we talked or made the wrong move POW to the back of the ear. one time it was so loud the preacher stopped the service and called my dad out. told the congregation that everyone should follow his example and discipline their kids. teach them to respect the service.

one time i was walking out the door. he ask me to do something and i gave him the old WHATEVER with a good eye-roll. BADMOVE BAM! size 13 rocky to the back of the head.

my dad never did anything when he was mad and i was never abused. just taught right from wrong and respect. i never got a whipping for anything i didn't know better than to do in the first place.

my daughter is a bit of a class clown. i had to meet with her teacher. i told the teacher to paddle her and she would straighten up. they cant paddle any more. what a shame, but they have another use for the old wood paddle.

its called sanding wood. if a kid goes to the principal's office they have to write their name with a sharpie on the old paddle and then sand it off with fine grit sandpaper when they leave the office their to tired to act up any more. brilliant
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