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I was the second of five and we all got spanked (by dad only, mom made us feel terrible about acting up, that was enough punishment, usually) although by the time my baby brother arrived, I think my parents were too tired by then and just hollered at him. He definitely had it easier than us older kids

But seriously, we were never "hit", just spanked on the butt, never hit with an object either. I don't have kids so I sure don't have any answers; my sister tells me part of the problem with today's kids are parents want to be their friends and not discipline them. I don't think I suffered later in life from being spanked; I always respected my elders and would NEVER have told my parents to "shut up".

How about you, AMJ? And yes, I think kids are disgracefully coddled and the way teachers are treated is UNACCEPTABLE.

(this from a former Catholic student of Sister Mary Discipline with a steel ruler)
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