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I was spanked as a child. And personally, I think it is quite effective. BUT!!! I would like to make a clear distinction; there is a difference between getting a spanking and getting beat.

When I was spanked, it was becuase I was not listening, and I am sure I really angered my parents. In fact, Im thinking of some of the annoying crap I probably use to do. Usually, it was one firm spank on the rear, or side of the face. That was it. That was a spanking. I got it, my sisters got it, my relatives got it from their parents etc etc. It is just my humble oppinion but I think we turned out ok. I can tell you this, WE NEVER spoke back to our parents, never yelled at them, disrespected them or anything like that. But at the same time, we DID NOT fear them. We respected and loved them.

Beating on the other hand, is using objects and excessively hitting someone. I am talking about 10 slaps on the face, using a object to repeatedly strike that it my leave a bruise or a cut or some other kind of physical impairment. Also, people who hit their children when they are engraged from alcohol or something else is WRONG. This will cause your child to fear you, and you will damage the relationship. This is the source I think some (not all) parents get their idea of " I got beat as a kid, I am not going to beat my kids". And then these are the kids you see screaming in stores, and we all have to put up with that crap, they yell at their parents, hit them, and tell them to SHUT UP, which absolutely infuriates me.
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