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My mom would try to shame us into "behaving". And she would smack us on the leg or bottom with her hand. My great-aunt babysat us when we were little and she used a switch. My aunt on dad's side would use her flip-flop. Paternal Granny would pinch us. lol. Maternal Granny never even raised her voice. (I never misbehaved with her. Odd, huh?) My later step-mother gave you the silent treatment until you caved. lol. (HATED THAT!) My dad was a very large man and did physical labor daily. He was terrifying and he whipped me and my sister when I was 4 and she 6. At the time, I thought he was going to kill us. He didn't have to do it again until I was 11. When he whipped me then I was pretty much positive he was going to kill me. (That time was a hilarous story. Now, not funny then.) That is the last one that I remember.

Oh! And we recieved paddlings at school. They didn't have to call your parents back then.

Dang! I didn't realize so many people got to whip my butt.
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