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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker View Post
Glad you showed up!!! Saved you a spot!!

96. DonnaMaria (sucking up to Spiritwalker is almost as worthwhile as sucking up to #10)

23. rearnakedchoke (voted to suck up .. just not very well)

11. MattHughesRocks (honorable mention for sucking up)
10. [xxxxxx]
09. [xxxxxxx xxxx]
08. [VCURamFan]
07. [xxxxxxxxxx]
06. [logrus]
04. [xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
03. [xxxxxxxxx]
02. Spiritwalker
01. Matt Hughes (of course he doesn't want anything to happen to his site)
I still can't decide if being on this list is a compliment or not!
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