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Well, it is possible to successfully teach kids to abstain from sex. My brother and I were not sexually active at all when we were under 18, but that was because my parents took a very active role in teaching us about sex early on and monitoring what we watched on TV and who we spent our time with outside of school.

To say "you need to abstain from sex, but just in case you feel the urge, then you should use a condom" completely destroys any message of abstinence.

Let's see if we can apply that logic to other moral issues:

"You should never commit murder, but just in case someone really pisses you off, then shoot them in the head because it's quick and painless."

"You should never steal, but just in case you really really want something, then make sure it costs less than $3000, because you won't be charged with a felony."

"You should never beat your wife, but just in case you lose your temper and can't control yourself, then use a bar of soap wrapped in a towel because it won't leave any marks."

Now I don't think anyone would be mistaken for a good parent if they taught their children those philosophies. So why should a person who teaches their children to be slaves to their sexual urges be considered a good or responsible parent?
i agree, but the examples you gave are not only immoral, but illegal ... kids these days are having sex because they may not be fully aware of the negative consequences .... i don't know if a lot of kids are aware of how serious an STD or teen pregnancy is ... and if they are, they just don't care ... but, yes, it is possible to teach children about waiting til they are adults ...
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