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Originally Posted by Oddtodd76 View Post
What is stock take?
We have a computer that tells us where we should be.

Each year we have a group of people that count, by hand every single thing in the store to make sure what the computer says we have, is really there.

If it isnt...the result of the count is fed in and over-rides the computer analysis. If the Count comes in less then the computer...we have an issue because it means stock has somehow dissapeared...that loss not only needs to be accounted for...something that if really bad warrents an investigation by Corperate Security...but also means that that loss is directly reclaimed from our yearly the end of the day the company wont lose the money...but its workers will.

If its over...there is great rejoycing...for it means somehow the computer hasnt listed everything and we have more then we though.

In truth the two numbers should be identical.

What you have to understand is, Wal-Mart is one of the largest retailers on the such it has its own economy the size of a reasonable country. This effectively means its Directors are shifting goods and money on the same level as a small government...Corperate Security is then no be investigated by Corperate Security is like you getting investigated by the FBI

its unpleasent...they are BIG AMERICAN DUDES and they have NO sense of Humour neither

I'm working Monday so I dont have to work the day of the count...course it wont be till later that the result comes in...
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