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I have always told my daughter that if she gets straight A's in school, i will get her a nice the tide has turned!
I told her if she doesn't get straight A's in school, this is the car she will be driving! HAHAHAHAHAHA
I see two B's in the future moving to an A real quick!
Its good to see macs car collecting is doing such good work for the young people of this great nation.
This gives me a good business idea. Rent junk cars to parents to take their kids to school in.
I work on gas pipelines and spend a lot of time in the mud. One day I come home from work my jeep had a good inch of mud over the entire thing. You couldn't tell what color it was. The first thing my 7 year old daughter said was YOU ARE NOT TAKING ME TO SCHOOL IN THAT. She had never been so embarrassed the next morning. Then a the boys told her how cool it was then she didn't want me to wash it.
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