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Originally Posted by DonnaMaria View Post
I'm a whimp! I couldn't have kicked his butt myself......but I had my hand on the porch door and the mastiff was on the other side, barking his head off. If the kid had threatened me, I would have unleashed the hound from hell!
I have anger issues.... Then again, maybe it's a Texas thing because girls there are taught early on that if he's on your property and you feel threatened, you are justified in defending yourself.

Here's a story that will help illustrate that: When I was 19 I had a gf who left her husband after he beat her one too many times. She had come over to my house and we were planning to go out together. I was in the shower and she was in the guest bedroom getting dressed and doing her hair. Well the husband found out about it and came over. He was a big, manly MP in the Army so was a pretty scary dude. She came running into the bathroom screaming that he was there. I put a towel around me, grabbed the pistol that was kept in the drawer by the bed, and met him at the door. I invited him in and we sat down in the guest bedroom to chat. He was very nervous at having a gun pointed at him. I asked him if he knew why I let him in the house he said no so I proceeded to tell him that in TX if he is in my home and tries to attack me I am legally justified in shooting him and would get away with it. He sat very still and talked very calmly to me and then left peacefully never to bother me again.

True story.

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