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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
I think even the best parents will end up having kids who engage in sex. The temptation is too strong for any type of parenting to be 100% effective. You can do a great job and hope for the best, but the truth is, some kids will still experiment. Especially with boys. If they get the chance, most likely they'll go for it.

Especially with Boy and Girls... if it was just boys.. there wouldn't be so many 12-16 year old girls having kids...

I agree you should do your best to encourage them to wait, but also educate them to use protection if they decide to do it anyway.
Not just encourage them to wait.. educate them on the consequences of having sex... "it's fun... it's great..... But ALSO... it comes with a HUGE price..."... Children, loss of your own freedom, STDs, DEATH....

express what you are looking for in your child, share your own mistakes, talk about the religious aspects of sex..

tossing a condom at a girl or a boy and saying... "If your going to do it. at least use this.." is like giving a kid a gun and telling them where the shooting range is.... It's not enough and irresponsible.

my daughter is 7 and she knows "where babies come from".. not the actual process yet...
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